He said he's not like everybody else.

He connected to those who feel left behind.

He promised he will not leave them behind.

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Enjoy the spotlight, Scarlet Snow

Obviously, I don't watch baby videos. Well, I don't seek them out. When I see them on my feed, I don't click on them. When I'm asked to check it out, I might. If it's Shalla, I would. I'm pretty sure we'd be talking about it for at least ten minutes.

A few weeks ago she began watching videos of Scarlet Snow.

"Sino?" I asked.

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The conversations you are never part of

You can celebrate being an introvert. You can romanticize being an introvert, even. You love your sea of books and being alone in general. All that does not faze you, you say, because you love your own company.

But that's easy to say if you don't spend most of your time alone.

That's easy to say if you often meet with friends. That's easy to see if you have friends who often want to meet with you. That's easy to say if you're the one receiving invitations rather than making them, knowing fully well that you will always be turned down.

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An exclusive interview with two years ago

This blog has interviewed the year 2014 two times, first before he took over from 2013, and again right after he gave way to 2015. Since then he has retired to a penthouse suite in Kuala Lumpur, and has observed how the past couple of years have conducted their business. During my recent vacation there last November, I caught up with 2014.

You're looking good, 2014. Looks like retirement has treated you well.

You don't have to worry as much anymore, so you get time to focus on yourself, to pamper yourself.

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The luckiest

Today is the final weekday of this year, so the morning shows were filled with features on who would be luckier than others in the year that's to come.

It's all pretty vague, as you'd expect. One sign is luckier than others when it comes to money, or romance, or career. Nobody really talks about family relationships. Perhaps it's all tapping in our unspoken need to break away and be our own man, or person, if you're going to nitpick that. But I digress. Nobody really offers specifics - another unspoken acknowledgement of how different we all are, perhaps, of how our fates cannot be determined by when we're born, otherwise you and all of your peers would have very bad years and very good ones. Although that might explain everything of late.

When I was younger we had Jojo Acuin all over the tail ends of the news broadcasts. His predictions are vague but a little more specific - an actress will get pregnant, a presidential candidate will die, that sort of thing. You spent Sunday evenings huddled around the television set, Mel & Jay devoting ninety minutes (not accounting for advertising) to his predictions. You'll get shocked, momentarily, and then you start wondering who it might be. When it does happen, you don't immediately remember the prediction was ever made. I wonder if Jojo ever predicted his own death?

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