Does this make me legitimate now?

Let's address the elephant in the room: yes, I finally have my own domain.

After almost twelve years of blogging - writing, writing - I finally have my own domain.

Yes, I know, I have railed many times before about what bloggers here have ended up doing. They get a domain, they filter up their photos, they talk about their day, and presto! As a guy who has a blog solely because he has to write (and, well, okay, get validation for writing things), I never thought I needed it.

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Unnecessary hyperbole

This wasn't the photo I intended to use, but you know what happens when you edit. I should've taken more photos of people with umbrellas. Haiphong Road, Tsim Tsa Tsui, Hong Kong, 22 November 2016.

Several things have been called "the great equalizer". Education, they say, is the great equalizer. The Internet, they say, is the great equalizer. I'll add another one to the list: rain.

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There are polka dots on her fingers

"I would like to check in, please," I say, as I hand over my passport and ticket.

"Have you paid your travel tax, sir?" she asks.

"Ah, yes," I answer, as I fiddle through my envelope for the receipt.

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Adventures in clearing slow-moving inventory

I didn't realize this photo looked fine until I cropped it, but I don't know what your standards are.

I was passing the time at a Starbucks this afternoon.

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This is why we don't deserve anything good

A few months ago, SM decided to start an experiment in their malls. What if, I assume the buildings said to each other, we force people to form a queue while on escalators? Right side for those standing, left side for those who need to walk on the escalators. They do it in other countries, after all.

And so, they did. Overnight the signs went up on every mall. "Stand on the right side. Walk on the left side." An attempt to bring order.

Nobody followed.

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