Hi David! Heart heart heart heart.

Want to feel like you're in a different crowd than you really are? Work in a different coffee shop. It helps that the coffee at Toby's Estate - or, knowing me, it's just a chai latte, because it's two in the afternoon and any caffeine past that time means falling asleep the next morning - is priced the same as Starbucks. It also helps that there's a much better chance there's a spot there with a plug, unlike in the nearby Tim Hortons, which gets full for no reason.

Don't get me wrong. This particular branch gets full. I've worked here a bunch of times - "worked", really, and also, there's no wifi in the place, so you can only do so much - and there are many points in the day when a relatively long queue forms. Mostly take-out orders, though. Not that unusual. Sure, the coffee is better than Starbucks, but, well, we are what unites us, or whatever that is.

But then you realize you're really out of your depth here. Sure, you're wearing an almost full-on business outfit - long-sleeved shirt, coat jacket, no tie - and you're in front of your laptop punching emails about genuinely, I think, important stuff out. But you realize - and you've had this realization before - that you're the only one with a Windows laptop. Everybody else has a Mac, and the looks of that alone make them look like they fit in more.

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Too rich

I can trace part of my increased expenses to the fact that my lunch patterns have changed again.

In the few times I am at the office, I end up eating lunch by myself. That means I have the freedom, somewhat, to choose what to eat and when to eat. Are there vegetables? Are you in the mood for Korean? Are you willing to walk to the mall in this intense heat? Do you really have a choice?

In my previous job that only was a problem when I'm absolutely certain I'm alone. Otherwise, I eat with the other managers - I'm not one, by the way - and we always eat at this clump of carinderias right behind our building. We leave earlier to avoid the employees of the call center above us, the sheer size (numbers-wise) of which almost always results in overwhelmed elevators.

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Twenty bucks

Niko, do you really have to write? Do you really have something to say, like, something really worth saying?

Well, not really. I mean, I'm very sure someone has said what I'm going to say next.

Again, Niko, do you really have to write?

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So it's happened

So it's happened. I have something in my head and I've refused to write it for two weeks now, and instead I'm writing another one of those entries that mean nothing and say nothing.

So it's happened again.

Who do I blame? Well, I have actually written about this, and almost two years later, the same things still apply. I spend my resting hours on the same laptop, but filling it with things that aren't decidedly important in the grand scheme of things - like, I don't know, entertaining myself. Entertaining myself until I realize it's almost eleven o'clock and I really should be sleeping. No. I should not entertain myself; instead I should feed my ego and write.

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Greetings from the system

The first birthday greeting I received this year - not that I'm counting; it's just a detail worth mentioning, I think - is from a bank I do business with.

I haven't received those emails from them before, so at the very least it tells me they finally have my email address firmly in their system, even if I never really changed email addresses. These are little annoying things. Tells you they're sloppy.

But then there was something just a little more annoying about it. It wasn't really a birthday greeting.

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