A few houses down the road

This morning a helicopter was flying suspiciously low over our house.

Well, it wasn't just over our house. It was flying in circles, repeatedly, over my side of the subdivision. Nothing sinister, as far as I know, was happening. It's just that, well, you have a helicopter, flying quite low, right above your head. What is the point of all that?

Today I wondered about what would happen if I got killed in a police raid.

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State of the leader

Noynoy Aquino had many shortcomings when it came to delivering speeches, especially ones that pertained to policy. He always rushed through his speeches, breathlessly going through the paces, never pausing to let what he just said sink in for his audience. Sometimes you could hear - or at least you imagined to hear - his saliva accumulating in his mouth, poised at any moment to trigger a choking fit. Almost all of the time, however, he coughed.

It's basic speech, but then, that could be forgiven if he had something substantial to say. Well, sure, he did, but his other problem was how he wrapped everything in hyperbole. His six State of the Nation Addresses carried variations of how things are much better now that he is in charge. His presence, he contended, has ushered in a newfound confidence in the country, one that has brought it to irresistible new heights. To some extent, it is true, but as the years passed and his administration was rocked by allegations of corruption and accusations of incompetence, he stuck to his message - and looked like a tone-deaf politician at best, or a typical lying politician at worst. Or, for me, a petulant kid refusing to listen to anybody else.

Rodrigo Duterte has tonight delivered his second State of the Nation Address, and like his first, it shows off his shortcomings when it came to delivering speeches. While he seemed more comfortable this time - perhaps aided by the less outrageous cinematography of Brillante Mendoza - to an extent he still wanted to be somewhere else, or do something else. He progressively mumbled through his prepared remarks, seeming uninterested, at one point even telling the teleprompter operator to skip some parts.

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Second meeting, coffee, third wave. I got a flat white.

"Bigay tayo ng gift?" she asked me in a separate chat window.

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How to adult

Like most six-year-olds I played in the street outside my home in the afternoon. But even at a young age I always adhered to some sort of schedule. Go out to play at four; any time before that is too early. Go back in the house at half past five; any time after that is too late.

When the skies are clear enough we'd see airplane fly above us. We don't live near the airport, but we're close enough for airplanes to pass us below the usual 36,000 feet.

When that happens, I point to the sky and wave at the passing aircraft.

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Today the Ombudsman has ordered the filing of charges against former president Noynoy Aquino for playing a role in what became the massacre at Mamasapano, where 44 members of the PNP Special Action Force were killed in a counterterrorism operation.

It was determined that Noynoy allowed former police chief Alan Purisima to take part in the planning of the operation, which led to the death of international terrorist Marwan, despite the latter being suspended for corruption allegations. The Ombudsman said that, without the former president's influence, the disgraced Purisima wouldn't have had a seat at the table.

There you go. Blood. Blood for a thirsty nation.

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