It's the 25th of February again, which means, once again, we get reminded of all these stories from the first EDSA Revolution - the well-worn stories of its major personalities, as well as the side stories from the people on the periphery, on the fringes.

But this year's interesting. Rodrigo Duterte is, of course, president now, and his views on EDSA are considerably different, if we can even make sense of it. Formally he's all about moving on from the jubilation of 31 years ago, and learning from the lessons that have come after all that happened. It's a good point, really - we're all still stuck with the idea that 1986 was a shining moment for the country, forgetting that we never really followed through with it.

But then, there's the rhetoric - muddled rhetoric, from him and his supporters - that EDSA has made things worse for the country. Is it his supposed deference to Ferdinand Marcos, the reason why the dictator is now buried amongst heroes? That could explain why his most rabid of drones are leading the way in editing history, or at the very least pushing an alternative view into prominence: that Cory Aquino is corrupt, that she made things much worse for the country, and that putting her into power was a big mistake - a mistake that we're only getting around to fixing now, with, well, the election of Duterte as president.

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I do not have the right to my own sadness

There will be days when I will just dwell on the things I don't have.

Apparently I should not be doing this.

Apparently I should not focus on the things I don't have. Apparently I should instead be appreciative of the things that I do have. Apparently I should realize that I still have it better than others.

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The paranoia of a boyfriend who's alone on the fourteenth

Tuesday night, the fourteenth of February, and I am home alone. My parents are on a date, and my brother is on a date.

And I am not.

Somewhere over the past weekend Shalla and I, somehow, mutually agreed that we won't go along with everybody else on the Valentine's festivities. Besides, we're both running low on funds after going on a week-long trip to Taipei. (Hopefully I get around to writing about that. I'm just writing this to get drowsy, so I can sleep early before driving to Clark.)

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Sexy job titles are waiting for your call

Once again, I ponder why I haven't written on here in a long while, despite a bunch of ideas floating in my head and what seems like some time to get them down on digital paper, whatever that means.

And then I realize, well, not really.

I have not been writing less. I have been writing the same amount as before, when I could write ten things per month on this blog. Now, though, I write in more places. One place gives me the rush of knowing that people actually read it, that people somehow appreciate it enough to make me write about them. A few other places, well, that's for work. You know what they say about how niche products are now more important than ever. Well, in my case there's a place for my radio frustrations, and another place where I can talk about the country without sounding like an angry lunatic (and also indulge that odd intersection between my love of walking cities and everything I have read on Monocle). That leaves this place - too general, little noticed, and still, apparently, my flagship.

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He said he's not like everybody else.

He connected to those who feel left behind.

He promised he will not leave them behind.

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