The birthday and all that

This, I wish, is my last mention of that fateful day for a while.
at 06:55 from Henrik:
hello chrystel! cnt 4get na bday m ngyn...hapi bday! :)
Three hours later, she replied.
at 09:12 from Chrystel:
thanks! :)
That's it. Really. Or maybe I keep on refusing we talked a little bit after that. But thankfully I survived that day without a hitch. I wasn't rattled or something like a year before that day. It was 26 March as well.

Wondering if she's reading this? She'll probably hit me afterwards. But then again I haven't told her about this.

I'll be graduating on Friday, and it really feels good. Weehee! It's finally over. And college, they say, is on May. Crap again. I really need a vacation.

So today, Monday, it's pretty quiet, and after I acted like Boy Abunda or something, judging dancers if they can go home, I can sleep and eat. I am just escaping from the law this time. Really.

I'll post a question for you radio freaks out there. What does BRMB stand for? And why do I have to listen to the Blue Room where Nemone is supposed to be on?

And why do I know all of these things?


And your responses...

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