Didn't go, didn't recover

I didn't go to MJ's party. I was too sick, and I really had difficulty breathing. Right now, however, I feel fine, but not after having taken three nebules in two hours. And at least I didn't get freaking wet.

I am fine now, hey, and I have new shoes, and I've never felt better. Welcome back to life. Hehe.

So for the past five weeks I've done nothing but look at radio stations and see the crap out of it. Heck, not all Manila radio stations are twenty-four hours on air. My favorite just signed off at midnight, and a lot others did by 3am. I thought we were advanced...

So, such is my interest for radio, but I still like British ones becuase, well, they're more decent, I believe. I cannot listen to Chris Moyles, Sara Cox and Zane Lowe all the time, however. (I mentioned DJs from BBC Radio 1. Just to note. They're not imaginary.)

See, I'm really a geeky guy. But please do visit. It seems no one has found my blog yet.

So where are the comments?

And your responses...

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