Entirely similar situation

Two years ago I sat with Robyn (mentioning her again - why does it have to be her?) and former schoolmate Miyuki in the swing, and we talked about John Mayer and Jennifer Love Hewitt. And I was called a ladies' man.

Maybe it's true, because I had a lot of female friends, even back in elementary.

Today the same thing happened, only Miyuki is replaced by classmate Chiaki, another student of Japanese descent. It was by the swings, like last time. Same places. And now we talked about gowns.

I'm not gay, okay? I don't even know why it happened. Why are gowns the latest topic?

In other events, my class had to dance the cha-cha in front of teachers, and yes, the principal and even former teachers. Miss Russelle passed by to our surprise. My classmates - can you make them serious? Nah, not once. Well not really. That would be really baaad. And all of us wore clothes that were pretty weird (read: formal) - and I wore mine all the way to the supermarket. I had long sleeves folded up to make them short, and my mom was so swooned. My classmates wouldn't think of me as cute, anyway. That's against my rules... Hehe.

In ten days, it's the birthday of another friend that pretty much affected the past fifteen months of my life. I was madly in love, and now I'm not, but still, I think of her occasionally and think if I could ever strike a conversation with her again. I'm greeting Chrystel ten days earlier, and if she doesn't read this (and I know she won't), well, I'll text her on 26 March.

That's your introduction to flurry space. Welcome to the blog once again.

And nope, it's not cheesy. Happy birthday.

To take a look at my background sounds: JK and Joel. Why do I keep on mentioning DJs on my posts? Maybe I'm just a media freak. Look, I even call myself multimedia emperor - even though I'm faaar from one. Does that title even exist?

Well, maybe that's it for now. Wishing you're actually reading this, and wishing you'd find sense in my writings. This won't be like Anne Frank's diary - or the Baghdad Blog for that matter.

And your responses...

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