My knees are accidentally in the middle of someone's legs

Finally someone cared to visit my blog. Thanks Yum. For that I'll advertise your blog and your photo album. See? Visiting has its rewards.

Well, tomorrow's our periodical exams, and I'm listening to old jingle packages (which shows I'm such a freak - well not really, but maybe). Anyway, it's going to be English... and Math. Maaaath. That's a hard one, and I'm wishing I get through this test the way I did in my long tests. Highest in English! Highest in FIlipino! Only second in Economics - but what the heck? I'm just boastful today. Hehe.

So it's the holidays coming next? Weehee, wishing it comes close. I can't wait for summer. Besides, my college classes are said to be in May. May! That's close! That leaves me with less time to actually have fun in summer!

And yes, I think my dad is considering buying me an MP3 player, only it isn't the iPod Shuffle - but it's okay. Maybe I should do market research now. Hehe.

Still here, thinking why I mentioned too much yesterday. What if a close relative reads it and makes fun of me? And yes, I did mention Chrystel's name in the last two entries. No, three.

Sorry, I keep on mentioning you. I just have to reassure you this isn't a sign that I'm stalking and still dragging on since March 2004. Heck no!

And your responses...

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