Periods of mutual understanding

Rather, wondering where the .mu domain extension came from. Seriously. Does it stand for music?

I passed all exams (obviously, hehe), all with a line of nine on the final scores, and I kept comparing my scores with Robyn (just for fun, and she also obliged), and it turns out we're all pretty equal, except in Filipino where there's a little advantage from yours truly.

As we say here in Manila, naks!

So now I know why all my flare-ups didn't make sense. really.

It's my last week and school, and I just had practice with Anton and Chiaki and most of the morning classes, and I don't have to wonder why we got low plusses for dancing the cha-cha. They bhave oomph, and they have an energetic leader named Ralph. Thumbs up to you, dude. I don't have to be intimidated. I only have to laugh.

Found on the Internet: funny pics of (obviously Radio 1) presenters stripping for colleague Edith Bowman. Celebrity Fame Academy (I don't know this thing however) may long be over, but the pics are still funny. Really.

And yes, I set my mind free for about two days not thinking about, well, her. It's a hassle her birthday is coming. I don't know if I should text.

But we should all remain thoughtful, however...

So we are all graduating. I'm escaping from flurry space, finally. And I saw that freaky picture again.

And your responses...

Ei there. Need help. I am going crazy trying to look for that clue in the inq7 site. You're familiar with that mystery thingie right? There's supposedly a clue in today and tomorrow's lifestyle section of the Inquirer. If you have a newspaper or if you surf the net today, let me know how to find it, would'ya? Text me if you have time.

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