Returning the favor - again

Hello Auntie Bam... your blog's posted on mine! Hehe... I'm returning the favor again. I'm also surprised she said I've not changed a bit - and I wonder why really. Oh, and the site's design is just a template from some other guy. I'm just good at looking for good designs.

Surprisingly, I passed my English periodical test (and Athlete's on the air in Radio 1, by the way, and Wires is one of my favorite songs, just to mention that - and only two stations in the Philippines play this song, but should I mention them two? One, two), even when I thought I would have fifteen mistakes - and I had only four. Lucky me.

At least I know someone is reading at my blog (my aunt, er cousin included). Only two? This blog can't be a superblog of some sort unless I realize my long unfulfilled dreams. And it's all because I'm a procrastinator like everybody else.

Please don't get offended. Please.

It's only two weeks and I'm graduating. I'm not excited about college, however. It still seems like a big, goody-two-shoe-eating world of some sort. My classmates keep on saying I won't survive if I don't begin to drink with them. Well, I almost did, but I'm not gonna go tipsy and roll around the ground like James (finally, it's time that I mention a guy in my posts). I'm still keeping myself sane. But I won't be reading the graduation speech - in a class of ten, it's not gonna be me who's putting them to shame. Guess who.

Yep, Robyn, master speech maker, once again. At least it isn't me, and I still wonder why I didn't even get considered. But at least it isn't me.

I'm doing research right now on artists for a music scrapbook I have to submit in a week, and I'm visiting official artist sites - I've never visited them much. At least Robbie Williams' site looks really good - and confusing at times. Still okay, however.

I think I have to go. my brain's getting drained, and I still have to accommodate imaginary comments. Only you can make them a reality, so please donate your precious time and prepaid internet card load (if any). Make me feel good. Please.

And your responses...

you haven't changed because you're still a..., uh, cyber geek. love yah! c",)

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