Shivering start

I'm currently listening to BBC Radio 2, and Natalie Imbruglia is on air. Yeey, I'm finally having access to British radio, and I have posted links to my favorite British radio stations on the sidebar.

Yearbook's almost over, and tomorrow, I'm gonna go to MJ's house, and I'm gonna drink again, and I'm not gonna puke.

That reminds me of a bogus blog that affected a dear (almost too much) friend of mine, who's had her identity almost falsified by a blog, apparently by her enemies. Sheesh, guys, - I'll drop names - well, never mind, for that's an old issue.

But still, if you find yourself reading my blog, then congratulations! Robyn, you must have found me, and if you're a classmate of old, then welcome to geekspace. Hehe.

Still dreaming for an iPod Shuffle... and the guts to take the memories all away.

And your responses...

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