A long break and some gooshlag

"You'll get past it."

That's what new friend Ana told me yesterday, when I went to MJ's graduation after party. Yes, I have graduated. And I've never felt better, since, well, the connections are back online.

A lot of things have happened in the past week or so, and I was technically occupied with perfecting my speech for the baccalaureate ceremonies. It's hard to create punchlines, you know, especially when the microphone acts up on you - and only you.

Trace of history: today's the day the dear pope died, and I can't help but care. I follow the news a lot, anyway.

So I graduated (and I'm class tops, but we're a class of ten) and it's been pretty frantic. And yes, I got that MP3 player I was wishing for. Weehee.

It's been pretty awkward thinking of things the past few days. Just yesterday, in fact, I was too self-conscious, and MJ - err, Mari - kept on saying that I should loosen up. The after party had only eight guests, and only half are actually part of the graduating class. It does sound weird.

I actually have a lot of questions going through my mind right now:
  1. Would some people actually take advantage of drunk people?
  2. Would I ever have a lovelife?
  3. Would I survive college?
Can't presume anything. My mind is working on overdrive again, and I can't get to sleep. When I went home at past midnight yesterday, I was so sleepy I actually snuggled up the blanket, which I don't usually do. I woke up today to the news of the pope's death, and I gave myself a reason to watch BBC World for a whole day.

Finally, I can sit back, relax, conume some gooshlag, listen to my sounds and pretend to be a disk jockey.
And get some sleep. And that goes to you, Ana, if Robyn or you ever find me. But is it important?

And your responses...

thanks, dude. i DID get some (actually a LOT) of sleep. haha. i didn't know u had a blog pala. cool... drop by my blog, aryt? adios!

Anonymous Anonymous4/04/2005     

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