One blob of a superhero

Today I feel so stupid for not remembering my Friendster posts. Two friends found me through that (hello Francine). Sheesh.

Within the week a hell lot happened. I'm on vacation, and not after they bugged me to go to Anima to continue work on the yearbook (which is impossible since, well, I'm on vacation). I got to see a superhero (hence the name of the entry) and my MP3 player went bust. Or so I think.

That must've been a lot of crap for one week's vacation. I think it got a power surge from my plugging it into the USB port (probably because it's faulty, really), but I can't feel worse, because, well, you know...

So one of my most important duties today, as I toil inside another slow connection, is to contact Creative contact support. If I can do it, however, is a problem. I don't have the essentials.

More crap. But then I can still do something - can I?

I also saw Angel Locsin last Saturday but the closest I got is five meters above. I was on the second floor. No wonder I only saw nice flesh- and black-colored blobs. (The thing was for the Axe promo. Back then my player was working.)

So... how will my vacation work out? I don't know yet, because I have a lot of things on my hands, and I don't know what will happen.

On other matters, I consider myself lucky to have listened to the world premiere of Coldplay's new single. Haha. I have another one-up against the other radio stations - especially in the Philippines. Haha. But that isn't a big deal anyway. There's just the luck factor. The new single's called Speed of Sound, from their new album X&Y (XFM said it's to be released 6 June - look at the article here). And it's really nice. I'm reconsidering my statements from my last entry.

I feel like a geek today - I've only done playing The Sims lately. Since my MP3 player's not working...

But it will. It's just complicated. And my warranty won't make sense because it's available only in Singapore, where someone bought it for me. (It's my dad's graduation gift, but he didn't buy it himself. It's still his money, natch)

Has my entry appeared in Oneclick/comedy? I never get to catch my entries anymore since they change the topic. Please tell me when you do. Efforts are fully appreciated.

My letter T's must be missing - and there nothing offensive meant there.

And your responses...

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