Seven weeks

Question to Ana: How in the heck did you find me - just when I'm supposed to tell you about my blog when I send you my testimonial? But it's okay. It feels good that I have at least a handful of people visiting my blog. And yes, you might have been finding me freaky by now. Hehe. I'm really hyperactive, even in my thoughts. I can get lost just by daydreaming.

23 May is my first official day of college, and I'm pretty much scared, but I am feeling more comfortable by the minute, especially when I pass by Chowking to take a break. I'll have to go back to DLSU thrice before I can finish the whole process, however.

I suddenly remembered elementary loverboy Michael Camacho. I wish I had guts like yours.

It's been a pretty boring summer, by the way. There actually is a schedule! Wake up, eat, listen to my spankiing new MP3 player (which, I realized, is pretty famous somewhere), eat, surf, eat, listen, watch, sleep - and there are the little things that pop in and out. I hate being flexible sometimes, but now is the time when I need something to shock my nerves. And I still can't keep up.

Right now, I'm not feeling increasingly funny. Oneclick/comedy is rejecting my submissions (but if you click through and see my entry, take pride in thinking that a Filipino is making it to Oneclick, a site with an almost exclusively British audience). You guys should be proud of me, by the way.

Now that I know a handful of blogs I should be rushing to live up to what they are actually up to. I still think I'm inferior to theirs, but some say mine looks good - and thinks bad. hehe. Please tell me what you think. Seriously.

I finally got Athlete's newest CD, and for the first time I never whined about spending P420 on a CD. Somehow I always think I shouldn't have bought CDs (such was the case with Joss Stone and Natasha Bedingfield's) but after a month or so I begin to appreciate things. Yeah, I'm a late blommer, and I don't know how to grow up.

The album sounds good, and not a commercialized as Coldplay. Really, Coldplay is becoming too common I'm thinking of Keane and Athlete instead.

You just saw my thoughts fly.

And your responses...

hello :) mglgay ka ng tagboard pra dun mglleave ng msg mga guests mo :) nice blogs btw :P ge un lng :)

Anonymous Anonymous4/07/2005     

yeah, put a tagboard! ;P how'd i find ur site? 2 words: friendster bulletin. i was looking at the recent posts in the bulletin board when i saw ur post with the url of this site. hahahaha ;P

Anonymous Anonymous4/11/2005     

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