Too much free time perhaps

I have too much free time on my hands right now - to the point that I'm mimicking the barely understood dialogue in The Sims. Seriously, if my MP3 player was working, I would have done much more.

But Vivian, the customer service representative who has answered my email (the same day, natch), did enlighten me of some sort, but I think I can't come back to surf the Internet, or at least on this week. But I am feeling that this is just a battery problem, and I can just replace it with one purchase.

Enough whining about dysfunctional technology - my days have been pretty boring. Play, eat, play, eat and the fact that my baby cousin has been waking me up by sitting on my face. His diaper is pretty soft - but what if he was, well, fresh from the vineyard, if you know what I mean?

I'll be going home on Sunday, and I think by then I will appreciate the aircon in my room more. I won't be waking up with snuffles in my nose anymore, and no more "baby sitting".

I don't understand what Mhel Rose is trying to say. I'm on vacation! Can you read my blog?

But she does have an interesting question. "Do I still call you classmates?"

Yeah, I think you should. I still call you a classmate, as well as everybody else.

I am losing my mind and my thoughts. Nothing fresh is really happening (pretty slow-paced lfie nowadays). And a question, especially to those who are asking me to add a shoutout box: where can I find one that can be edited? Get me? That would do wonders for your requests. Please understand that I'm pretty much a perfectionist, especially on details. Your comments have flattered me too much and now I'm pressured to live up to the challenge.

I'm putting much load on my shoulders again. Ouch.

Time to tell people about my blog. I'm curious about their reactions and their comments - especially Chrystel's. Hehe. Still can't stop glancing through the past.

And your responses...

hey.. thanx for linking my xanga :P for ur shoutoutbox, try this one.. :) http://cbox.co.za/?box=279459

Anonymous Anonymous4/23/2005     

hey there! my shoutout box came in with the whole blogdrive package. sorry to disappoint you. c",)

thanks for visiting my blog, which one are you using as your main site though?

Anonymous Anonymous4/23/2005     

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