We've got our individual lives now

Just a little dramatic entry. This popped up last Sunday as I was tinkering with my life.

I came from Anima (weird, since I already graduated) for yearbook duty, but I think we're less than a quarter done. It's gonna take very very long. My day is pretty boring still, but I'm proud to say I already slept around eight hours after I endured having six in my one-week vacation. But that gives me a reason to go in an Internet cafe and post my thoughts. Beides, I have to look for a Creative service center here in the country.

Within the week, all I did was tinker with the radio - switch to one station, bash it, then switch to another, then bash it... I discovered ABC Triple J and liked the sound. Finally, Australian representation.

I am going round Internet radio stations, so if you know one that is probably interesting (read: national, somehow rock-biased, and the works), well... I don't know. What do you want to do?

My thoughts are floating again.

The shoutout box is already up, and I wish you could flood it and my comments box. If you're thoughtless but you still dropped by my site - am I giving directions? - you can just drop a line at the box. I'm also planning an extension of this site through Geocities or something - but it's gonna be boring, obviously. I'm gonna blab about radio. Who cares about the BBC in this side of the world anyway?

I still don't have a lot of visitors - please convince them to visit! Where are you guys?

Finally, I'll announce that I can't wait for my college graduation. I wish I could have all the time in my life to have fun - I don't want to die due to either a magnitude 9 earthquake or an asteriod crashing in 2012.

I'm watching too much of the telly. But it's somehow good.

And your responses...

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