And it starts... now

Tomorrow's the big day! Or is it big?

The enthusiasm, reflected both on the Friendster bulletin boards and on the real world, is pretty big for such a perfunctory event. Well, we all have to study sometime.

So tomorrow, I'll surely have to wake up at 04.30 and have to get full, cleaned, and alert enough not to have anything stolen by the time you arrive at school. And, yes, the complete change of routine. Lunch will vary from the normal time of 12.00 and swings from 11.10 to 14.10. That's bad for a person who loves to eat. Munch munch.

I am having the last day of my vacation. The way I see it there won't be any space for fun anymore. And I finally saw Star Wars Episode 3. Nice one. Really nice one. And someone's losing things (again, should I say?).

I have to go. Again. Better stock up on distractions.

And your responses...

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