Block president wannabe

It seems that the person who said I had the charisma to be block president, well, had the charisma to be block president.

Meet President D (for Derek). That funny guy who's cracking a lot of jokes got a taste of being in my shoes in high school. (Well, not really.) I just found it funny that he got elected even if he didn't want to (same as my case, but I was expecting to win because it seemed so from LPEP orientation).

So he began to say things on the LR19 Yahoo! group. We must have had a taste of presidential shock.
on 16.47 D wrote:
Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Why am I the class president?!?!?!?I thought everyone was gonna pick NICO!!!!! NOT ME!!!!!! T-T

He actually wanted to be block treasurer, but when someone nominated him, everyone took the cue and voted for him. I, former obvious frontrunner, got four votes. Icka and Jaja got nominated as well, but it was really obvious who won. So now he has to deliver us our IDs, a task everyone thought would be delegated to me.

I'm still PE president, however. I'll probably be coordinating with Professor Ronda when we have to dance rumba dancesport style. And Ira, and Icka, and Martin, and Jaja. We're still officers. Icka and Jaja, however, got to become block officers (I think Jaja's block vice president and Icka - well, block secretary and probably and potentially block muse). Suddenly wondering: could our muse have a blog? She must've... The mole on the lower lip must be working out.

College, however, is beginning to take its toll on me. I'm getting tired and I'm lacking sleep. And I'm beginning to be unsure on my research. I don't know if I should print it as fancily as I can or only print it as is, only to act as reference.

I've been used to working things in a different way. Like acetate projectors.

A few more link-ups (just to get them linking to me, natch): Marcia's other (and probably more frequently updated) blog, and the blogs of other blockmates Les and Toni. Do we actually have a male blogger? Why aren't we represented?

Also, a snapshot of college life. And, yes, a humiliating photo of me. That photo and lots more are products of the digital camera Ira brought along one time. Look at the photo album and see how dull our days can be. (Rarely.)

Tomorrow we have another date with Professor Ronda. Worse because if something goes wrong it'll all go to me. Wish us luck. Wish me luck. My sanity's swinging from one end to the other lately. Don't let it swing to the left side...

And your responses...

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