Block pressure

Blockmates have finally infiltrated the Upper Blog. Hello to blockmates Ira (blog one and blog two, natch) and Jackie (have I got your name correct?). I have blog buddies from college?

Cause for celebration? Maybe.

They were saying about us having at least one terror professor, and we just got that. Err, not. I can take Professor Ronda. We just had a very bad start because we went to the wrong classroom. Just when I had the hunch did he come in, shouting at us. But it turns out it's all okay. He's fun, although strict, and he can crack those jokes that don't seem like they're jokes. We're having dance, and yes, that charisma thing (I haven't told you about it, but you guys probably know) had made me president.

If that's just for Professor Ronda's PE class, well, it's okay. I'll only get updates from him and have to put the block in a straight line once we go to P804. Not P1001. Remember that. Regine's friend did help. So did Brain Gym.

If I am block president - well, I came from a freakishly small school! No class presidents, no homeroom effort... but well, I have the charisma. Or so they say.

I think the reason why I just can't adjust because I'm trying to adhere to three people or something. I just realized we are forty-five in the class. Well, better late than never. I think I just did that. Now I have a little group of my own. And maybe the respect of the block.

Well, not necessarily.

Tomorrow Parokya ni Edgar is coming. Just yesterday did I joke about the Rexona ad campaign. Now they're coming precisely because of that. And we have another chance to appear on MTV or Wazzup! Wazzup! again. This time, I wish, I get to be seen. And I also wish that the free food is lunch and not snacks. I don't want to buy food tomorrow.

Tomorrow's the epitome of the my-termed 'spoiling' of us froshies. U-Break. First week, free concert. Good timing perhaps. Wish it stays that way.

To end the post, let me mention a little bit of Ira's blog. That complaint about C2? Yeah, we had a lot of that in the past few days. I only had to release some air. Thankfully, that happens in the bus.

Err, that's worse. Originality or otherwise.

And your responses...

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