A different kind of confusion

I'm at Southmall again, fresh from my physical examinations back at DLSU. I commuted on the way - I was a bit nervous that a bomb might explode from under my seat (a product of extreme paranoia) but I am still here typing my entry.

The weridest thing that happened to me was that a police went up to me and asked if I stole anything. Obviously I didn't, but that kind of question wouldn't just work. WIll anyone admit on the spot if he or she had commited a crime? Well, I guess it was just a ploy so that someone can steal my phone and money. Better be careful next time...

Finally I'm excited about college. Robyn (I finally found her site, after nine weeks of blogging) told me we should stick together on the LPEP (that's college orientation), but that seems impossible because I presume we have separate sections. Different courses, as well. I'm becoming curious about the other people as well. How are they?

I think I finally understand why I freak out when women are around (thinking I should be saying who did you think of for one hundred and fifty-six weeks?). MJ was correct - school is a bore. Three women in class. One is taken. Two stick together a lot. And me being pretty much frozen. I am getting scared to hell.

So maybe I freaked out a bit in DLSU today, because I saw too many women looking spookily alike (or is it me doing copy and paste? I lied when I said I didn't hallucinate). But in three years (or wishfully less) I'll get used to seeing women a lot. Except for Robyn, of course. I've seen her too many times already. (No offense.)

I wouldn't stick around waiting for what you think about my radio presentation blog question. It seems no one really cares. Really.

Another question: How come the Friendster blogs don't get populated (except Pamela Anderson's, maybe)? Is it that there are just too many blog spaces available?

Observant self ready to get off the computer. I must wait for the comments of the two people I spammed again. (Hello again, Kince. I found you again. Another blog, maybe.)

And your responses...

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