First day funk

Aaah! No more titles!

Anyway, first day of school was pretty fun. Our professor at Critical Thinking dismissed us half an hour before dismissal. Our English professor was fun, our Religion professor had that flair (and to think she's from Ateneo), and our Art Appreciation professor is someone Robyn will surely like.

Today I also saw MJ and Gio. Mari's in dismay since his block hasn't got much girls in it. He was literally steaming in jealousy (okay, well not) thinking me and Gio have more girls in our block.

It seems girls are a rare thing nowadays. Hehe. No pun intended.

I also saw Evita today at the bus home - and she even tricked me to think she isn't. She was just confirming if I was actually there.

So right now, I'm stuck at the same Internet cafe doing the same thing. And my mom is waiting for me somewhere else. Well, better leave. I've got to dance the first day funk... on the second day. This entry's really corny.

And your responses...

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