From Norway - with love, hugs and kisses?

This post was supposed to be called Professors due to my fascination with how they go about our academic lives. (Pretty vague.) But today I have a lot of things to talk about. Not just professors.

First, Kuya Arwin finally found me. Well, not the blog, but here's me wishing the members of the block Yahoo! group get to see my mind function at its best. So, if you guys feel unlucky he never found you... well, this is our secret hang-out place, not like Zen Chillout Place the girls at the concert kept on talking about. (As that suspected VJ Cesca said, "Zen Chillout Place Zen Chillout Place Zen Chillout Place Zen Chillout Place - naka-ilan na ba ako?")

I won't fail to believe we are the coolest block, because there's something about it. Obviously, the guys at LR17 would say the same. (Sorry for the example.)

Another example of that special something is what happened today. Me and Icka had to organize xeroxed copies of something we were supposed to read in Anthropology (which turned out to be the wrong one). It was just us huffing around benches in the Miguel Hall doing things we thought should be done by those who really needed the pieces of paper. So we saluted ourselves for our manual labor and ate at McDonald's. About the paper? I got around it. Background reading does work.

And Isah kept on mentioning Regine. She just told me she was saying hi. And then again. And then again. The first mention, the class pounced on it the way Anima would - giggling whispers and looks. It seems they found another angle to their guy.

Okay, so I must have blushed somehow. Why not? I acted weird in 2001 - covering my face because I claimed I don't want to be distracted. I got a 76 in English because I distracted the class. And now, it seems, she might not stop mentioning it. Our new Poligov professor (to much of some of my blockmates' dismay because our midterms could have been a take-home paper and the lack of a thought paper) is Professor Calilung. And, yes, that was Regine's last name. When Isah heard that she sent me a signal.

She must've not heard of Chrystel.

I'm not finally overwhelmed, even if the aircon can be ridiculously cold. But, behind the scenes, I'm becoming hyperactive - my personality is beginning to stand out! And to think that's actually negative in my view - and I got myself seated for something.

Power relations, according to Professor Calilung.

Finally, American Idol - Carrie did win. I wanted Bo to win, but I guessed Carrie will. And I was right.

So, six days into school and I did the unprecedented - become partly popular and have a lot of friends at the same time. To think I would only be friends with Robyn for the next three years.

From Norway with love? That's Isah's claim. I wish I could beg to differ.

And your responses...

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