Instant messaging paradise

I finally got use for my Yahoo! account. A lot of conversations with a lot of people. My YM's active for the first time. I'm pretty much a late bloomer.

I'm happy and tired with what happened right now. Finally, some peace on PE. Although my right arm really hurt (that's really a lot) due to dancing rumba, we never got any class-wide hitch. Just a little restive soul who got caught because, well, arm are beginning to hurt. Most importantly, D, Kevin, Edgar and that other guy (his nickname isn't Edgar Allan - you're John, right?) got raves from Professor Ronda.

And Ale this time. Were the guys staring at her dancing? Go figure.

This week's pretty hectic. No Anthropology class on Thursday, but we have to go to the National Museum on Saturday for a field trip. (Professor de Guzman wonders why we still need a waiver even if we're really really close to the university. I wonder as well, since I had to climb seven flights of stairs to do so.) No PE on 28 June (happiness, short-lived) because Professor Ronda is out. Next week, however, two PE sessions. One on Tuesday, and another one on Friday (really late into the afternoon).

Well, nothing bad. Just my juices aren't working.

Me and Auntie Bam got pretty closer to each other today. I'll have to reassure her again I'll keep that a secret (unless she divulges it herself).

And, finally, to Jill, Loui and Toni: I'm sorry I dance really bad. It seems I can't concentrate on the six steps with salty sweat going to my eyes and a mirror showing how incompetent I am in dancing. Really. But it was pretty good.

A lot of things to do in college. And yes, we have to cope. But, happily, I have a lot of friends, I don't have to eat lunch alone (for a few times, at least) and someone's asking me for help like in high school.

Mission one accomplished? Yeah.

And your responses...

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