I've seen too much details in one sitting

Yearbook work is eating on my vacation - but, on the plus side, I get to surf the Internet more frequently than I ever imagined. That means - yes, more Johnny Vaughan. hehe. I do look like a freak now.

I have a few things that I don't want to remember. (Go figure - again. They're positively good, and I don't want to pretend, but then again I already submitted my problem to Oneclick so that I can be ridiculously famous to those up in Britain at dusk.) Now I'm working with old photos and I'm battered by those things, but when I click on Actual Size I can't help but think.

We were good friends - and we are still now - but it's me whose separating - but that's not the right word - rather, I'm making too much of a big deal on this.

I might have kept all proof - but that's because I don't have the initiative to delete. And yes, I'm scared to let go - but I think I have done that.

And I'm in college! Why the hell should I still be thinking of this?

This is obviously a post for Friendster bulletin boards. Cheesy and irrelevant.

My poll question from the previous post is still on, and I'm still waiting for that celebrity comment. If it will ever happen, that is. But I don't want to rush an already harried in-demand celebrity. Let things happen.

I apologize for the cheese. It obviously messed you up.

And your responses...

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