Of former child stars and former clubmates

LPEP has just finished - all of the two days - and what I didn't expect was two people I have met in SBCA were my blockmates. And the culture shock is, well, larger than expected.

Isah is my clubmate back in first year. The only thing I probably remember of her is accusing (or teasing, if that applies) me of joining that certain club because her friend, my classmate, and the equivalent of flurry month in my freshman year (read: crush) was also there. That girl (her name's Regine) is said to be now in Norway, and I have failed to think of her.

The other guy's Huey. Well, we're never really that close, because we haven't talked much, or even been near each other. You must remember Charlie from Math-Tinik - that's him.

There's another guy from SBCA that got into the DLSU-CLA - Vic is going to study literature, and we also met yesterday.

It was getting pretty spooky. Three former schoolmates in one day, and four months with them at the least.

About my other blockmates... well, they're fun. Icka, an eighteen-year-old who's somehow boyish, reminds me of Elaine. Ian's the guy who kept calling me Kuya Kiko (it's Niko), and I have a classmate from Cagayan de Oro (hello Baba). Wait - I think I had them mixed up. But we are a bunch of forty-something people who will have no choice but to be together for the next four months. I still don't know if we'll change blocks every term, but I think I'm happy with my present one.

Sadly, I'm still intimidated, or because I am extremely overwhelmed by the facilities, the people, the Animo spirit - how the heck can I cope if I have to digest them all when I'm sleepy and cranky? I spent fifteen and a half hours yesterday out of the house, and I went home at nine in the evening.

I just came from the convocation, where we had to wear the complete business attire - complete with neckties for us men. I suddenly looked hot (because the sun is cooperating, if you get me). I met Robyn at the mearby McDonalds branch (but not before I began flirting with my tortuous clothes for the day) and was surprised to see her talking to Isah. Hah! Connections do work. When I thought I could keep my Bene side and my Anima side separate, I was proved wrong once again.

And, yes, it helps that Robyn is more comfortable talking to women, foreign or otherwise, than to men. except to me, well, because she is forced to. Hehe.

On Monday, it all begins - me, Robyn, MJ, Gio, Bryan, Isah, Icka, Huey, and all of the other people - college. And I'm the only one who's not yet ready. Still shocked and unready.

There's nothing between us, The Tears' new single Refugees said. But how come the gap is getting wider - the fact that you're not a party freak and all that, you're still a homebody, you've got no social training - and you're still expecting something? Better prevent another flurry month, your college life's on the line...

On a happier note, here's what Auntie Bam had to say about me (thinking this is a user review, but no):
Read a bit of Niko's blog today. Wow, I feel like I'm so old. Time really does fly by, I still remember playing with him and carrying him when he was small, until he got too heavy. And now he's in college. La Salle (hello Ate Eyet). And he's sooo tall.

Shucks. Now that's something that would make me go aww.

I badly need some release. I now have to listen to RT without DJs for a few days. The year's getting slower, they're expecting a lot from me, and me from myself as well. And I'm still a kid. An immature kid.

And your responses...

oie...anu, ng-enjoy k b sa lpep ntin?

ui, sna nmn mgkta tau sa monday pra...wla lng...d ku kc naabtan ung lpep nyu ehhh...pro bti n lng at d mu aq nkta noong nkasuot aq ng formal attire...kc...bsta...nkkinis kc...

ge, ciao!! :)

Anonymous Anonymous5/21/2005     

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