One last week before life sets in

I just realized I only have one week before I begin my college classes. I've been receiving a lot of advice lately, from my parents to, well, my relatives. This is too much of a big event for me. And I don't feel like I took a vacation. It all feels like a class day off.

I am beginning to half hate it and half love it.

After taking my first bus ride and my first solo stroll around SM Southmall (I'm finally overwhelmed), I think I'll take a longer time to actually adjust to the system. It all seems new and different. A lot more people, a lot more stereotypes... actually, the stereotypes portrayed in the movies and in television are not helping. It's just making it worse.

I've stopped waiting for things to happen. It just wouldn't. Like that celebrity posting - I think celebrities don't notice everybody when they say they do. (I think my half-left viewpoints are appearing again. No wonder I get too much intimidated - and I don't like reading those society columns even if I am forced to. Well, not really.)

And my brother is making my vacation really bad. I think I really need a day for myself. No, a week.

So what else is new? Well, nothing. And it seems the other blogs don't have anything new as well. Maybe it's time to finally rest from updating too much, because my brain is drying out and things don't work the way I want it to be.

Well, it won't happen anyway. And yes, that's the problem with blogs that aren't superstars.

And your responses...

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