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If you haven't visited for a long time, please take note of a longer entry before this one. That would help in your understanding of my twisted mind.

Anyway, this is the probably my final free weekend. No more fun lazy mornings sitting down doing nothing for me. Now I have to study and think of doing myself some service and fix up. I'll finally have that social improvement I've been craving for since way back when. Maybe I'll steal some sips at McDonalds with blockmates - but not before I find myself rushing for buses at rush hours. Tuesday's definitely not the right time to do that.

I am so distracted today. Somehow images of my blockmates appear before my mind. Is it a sign that deep inside of me I'm excited about college when I say I'm not? Maybe...

So as much as possible I'm trying to enjoy this day. I'll be sleeping early tomorrow, maybe with dreams of Darth Vader eating me up. (Yep, Star Wars is definitely in my itinerary tomorrow.) Then I'll have new glasses. And my MP3 player - there has to be a certified support center here.
And, on Monday, a brand new routine.

I suddenly remembered my cousin. He's a frustated Lasallian - wishing he was there but ended up in DLS-CSB. And he still gave me an initiation of some sort.

It seems I'm the outlet of a few frustrated dreams. I better have to get used to that.

And your responses...

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