Seven photos, rain, and a close-up view

Err... Ate Happy (I don't personally know her, but all I know - or think - was that she is a Campus Patroller for Magic 89.9) must have put forward the idea of confidence too much. Together with her co-host (was it MTV's VJ Cesca?) they hosted the first concert of DLSU's school year.

After a lot of mention of Rexona, since, well, they sponsored the whole thing, and eight people danced that first day funk dance (one guy who showed off a lot won an iPod), I finally got to watch Parokya ni Edgar perform. The amphitheater was full, and me, Dhi, Joy and a lot of other blockmates watched the concert. It began to rain a bit hard, however, at the end of the concert.

And I had seven photos of Chito. Dhi just can't stop screaming.

My photos were a really close, since he invited the audience to stand in the grass and party. For me, this was a little bit of gratification after I didn't party during the LPEP. This time, it felt like the Linkin Park concert, only smaller. And, obviously, the rain.

I'm finally beginning to feel the pressure in school. Reporting in Revelation, reporting in Anthropology, and Professor Ronda. I still wish he wouldn't scream at us anymore - but that all depends on what I do. I'm president, remember?

College life is inching closely to sucking. But, I finally found the people I should hang out with. It was a mistake thinking past connections would make all the sense. As someone said on the convocation, "some of my friends are members of the student council - and that makes me look like the bad influence to them."

This is the only place where I can happily practice plagiarism. Anywhere else would mean me not ever becoming part of the dean's list. Of course I don't want that to happen...

Finally, another reference to the Vice President of the block (heh? I don't think that's for the entire block itself). Here I go again, failing to keep up to the actual art of blogging. More blogs. Puff. Puff. Getting more exhausted every day. Better do something. I mean now. Or else I'll feel bad again because someone is doing something up a notch against me.

But then again, we're in La Salle, not in Anima. No more competition, because we have already proven we're good students! Why can't I just remember that?

And your responses...

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