"Speeding up the CD especially for you... live from One Big Weekend"

Welcome to further culture shock. Currently they're playing Jerk It Out in the wrongest setting. Funny.

More clues are cropping out that I'm changing things once again. I'm gonna go to DLSU all alone on Tuesday, because, well, I have to train myself. I'll be taking my check-ups and ID pictures, then I'll go back on the Thursday before classes for a ten-hou orientation - then on the next day, in complete necktie attire, for the dean and vice dean of the university's College of Liberal Arts to meet us. (The Lassalian Ambassador who briefed us said everything will be checked. Sounds like my old school to me.)

And MJ (err, Mari once again) just made me another testimonial. This is pretty graphic (well, not):
on 7 May 2005 MJ wrote:
Henrik? Part 2: Henrik's Testimonial!!! Pag merong ako nakita naka salamin na maingay na salita ng salita tapos laging nag-aaral maaga sa clase kahit wala pang mga tae! Sisigaw ako ng Nerdy!!!!!!!!! Si Henrik isa sa mga legends ng Anima Graduates na kagaya ko! Hahahaha! Sabi ni Henrik di niya daw ako makakalimutan kasi daw ako ang unang nagconvince sa kanya na uminom!!!!!!! NG BEER! Hahahahahaha! I guess welcome to my world, NERDY! Kahit nasa DLSU ka na sisigaw parin ako ng NERDY!!!! Bwahahahahaha! Henrik, titigas ang birdy mo pagdating mo dun daming babae dun!!!!!!!!!!! DLSU, Land of beautiful, hot and fresh virgin girls from highschool! Putcha!! Titigas ka dun! Not like the Anima world lack of women! Anyway, let's hav another drink nxt tym,pal! Inuman tayo samtym tapat lang naman school mo sa school ko! Greatu!! Im so excited to meet my new world! I knw kaw rin! Kaya nerdy remember dis when ur in danger e2 "Let's Rock!" Are you ready?

Maybe I am. I apologize for the extreme terms - I still don't know what he's thinking, but I can take it now.

I had to update my wardrobe now - now I'm in a Netopia branch in SM, just fresh from buying three pairs of jeans and three shirts from the department store. Now I feel good.

I wish I was in Sunderland to see Gwen Stefani. But then again, I still have to be British, or else I would be accused of taking advantage of the license fee. (Err, licence fee.) Welcome back to life, it seems.

And your responses...

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