Three week nervous syndrome

Three weeks to go before classes begin! I now have to rush and enjoy my vacation before I actually have to break down in another environment.

I have nothing to write again. That is certainly a cause of excessive boredom. This summer must be the most boring ever - and it is aggravated by the stifling heat. Last time I heard it's at around thirty-six degrees outside. Hottest this season, they said. Swimming didn't help, either.

The adventurous Harry Torres (I haven't gotten my name out of my system yet) is on another journey - this time, to get a celebrity to post a comment here. Reading about Bianca Gonzalez on the newspaper last Sunday, and reading that she replies to comments on her blog - well, it got my hopes high. It doesn't help that I have pretty bad coping skills. Just have to click on Comments now...

A little celebrity wouldn't hurt, but then again, I've thought some of them are inaccessible. Like that other Bianca. Go figure.

On other issues, I have another question. I remembered receiving a lot of comments (only two, but at least not one) when I asked on comments about the site. Yes, I am working on a few other things (like breaking out of this template), so here are the questions:
  1. What radio stations do you listen to (local or otherwise)?
  2. Would you care if I create a blog about the presentation business (read: my freaking interest in radio jingles)?
Okay, so please answer, I'm waiting for my shoutout box to fill up, because it means I barely have any visitors like the aforementioned blog. Refreshing people sure create a hundred and fifty comments, unlike mine.

When will I ever attain celebrity status? When I'm a DJ and the world's gonna end?

Oh, and I made it to Oneclick/comedy, and the question went like this: What wouldn't you do for love?
I answered, I wouldn't express myself.

Apparently, what I was doing the past decade or so was funny by British standards. I made it again.
Well, that's it for now. You guys have to populate my shoutout box...

And your responses...

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