Who said it's the last weekend of summer?

We have already survived the first week of college, and most of the college freshmen are still sipping soda at the beach?

Anyway, today I feel so involved with school. I've been receiving a lot of things from a lot of people. Professor Sangil finally confirmed a load of LR19 students into the Art Appreciation Yahoo! group, and the block Yahoo! group is also alive as well. My initiative (posting my blog in the links page) led me to this one from Ale. (Be surprised - I was. Go figure.)

I might be playing Link the Blogs, but I'm not. I think I saw someone else's blog. I'm not posting I here yet because I'm not sure if it is really Isah's. (Maybe yes, maybe no. Those entries make me cry.)

And yes, the feeling of involvement. Really different from high school.

Sadly, I have to rush. Research's not just purely online. Must go to the library now... and please continue to send me your links. Really.

And your responses...

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