And later, even if goodness never arrives

Spooky post title. That doesn't mean nothing good will happen, but I'll try to keep my hopes up high that I'll finally feel fulfilled.

Anyway, this week has pretty much been full of happiness and anxiety. First, I never made it to the second round of The LaSallian's admissions. My name's not on the interviews list. I knew I wouldn't make it - I don't actually have the confidence anymore in my writing skills, since I haven't honed them in a pretty long time. As for my other classmates who have attempted to be a part of the Students Publication Office... good luck. You'll fare better than me.

So I ended up joining TeamComm, the organization for us communications majors. I regretted not joining Tapat (or Santugon, for that matter) last week. I felt I didn't have any purpose if I join, and if I joined it would be because I was forced to because probably three-quarters (or all) of my blockmates joined in either of the parties.

College life is going to become a little bit perfunctory. Do this, do that, then you get to live.

It's funny because I'm actually surviving it. (I'm saying it again. Why can't I stop?) I'm doing good in the subjects (not all, obviously, but I feel confident). I got a 3.5 in my first Art Appreciation critical paper, complete with a "good" remark from Professor Sangil (okay, don't rub it in). I am finally laughing along with my socially-forward classmates (I'd like to think of myself as the person who vanishes into the crowd because he's already gone off alone). I'm not doing things alone - Toni finally is helping me in posting block announcements, and I've never felt more into it.

Isah had to do two reports for two subjects, and her report in Critical Thinking was pretty weird. (Sorry, but that's what I honestly think.) It felt like high school all over again - with a little twist. (Does the phrase intellectual terrorism ring a bell? Not really, but it's quite like that.)

In two weeks we'll be having our midterms. So, I might have that posting ban of mine. Or will I?

Well then, I have to go. Before all the spookiness of my post title gets me by the neck, I have to enjoy my weekend and sleep. A lot of sleep.

And your responses...

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