Another time to shine

As I promised, I'll tell you about Ale's other time to shine. (I don't know. It's just, well, I wish I got the same attention even from other people.) It's funny to see that someone gets to dance with the teacher. No offense, but I just find it funny. Even funnier is that other special mention for Derek - he's got the emotions, according to Professor Ronda (or, so D claims, the lust - for what, for his partner Ira? I'm flying naughtily again, sorry).

PE this time went smoothly. Really smoothly. We have a teacher from the College of Business and Economics who's come to learn a little bit of rumba - and also, two Vietnamese women (presumably students from DLSU's graduate school) with really thick accents joined us. It was funny and weird but fun.

For the first time since three years ago I forgot to bring my assignment. That was for Anthropology class. I presumed wrongly. really. But I got Professor de Guzman to accept my work tomorrow (it's okay, she said - yippee! I've learned from that), so I better stock up on something. I have the notes, but not the output.

Tomorrow, they're gonna make us froshies feel good again. It's CLA frosh welcoming week. Derek, Jaja and a lot of others are running around the campus ala The Amazing Race. Just doesn't make sense considering we have classes and health problems.

So, there it goes. My problems now switch from friendships to academics. Better get really ready - I've been too relaxed for too long...

And your responses...

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