With Sara and Lynne looking at my back (and Lynne touching my shoulder, but please don't get the wrongest idea because they just passed by and they're looking at my back and they're looking at my monitor - and I'm saying too much), here's my second attempt at posting almost the same thing.

She said it all over again.

Yesterday I was losing it, and then when I went home I was back to normal (thanks to a few people who happily replied to my excuses for a conversation - obviously something's going on, but anyway...). I don't know why I suddenly dreaded going to school. And then, there's a lot of people who suddenly sent in words of encouragement and a lot of taps on the back.

Actually, ayokong magpapansin, but the blog is my only release for whatever's bottled up in me. If not then I would have received a lot of offenses from the Discipline Office by now. Thank goodness I still am clean.

Now what? A two-hour break, and a lot of attempts to reconnect (again) and connect (again further) with my blockmates. Probably later I'll tail a randomly-selected blockmate and spend my break with this guy (or girl). Or... something. Maybe later at the TeamComm general assembly. Maybe on Saturday at the fashion show. Maybe...

I should have done it earlier - the connection and the appreciation.

Later we'll probably cheer at Sister Pinky because she has appeared thrice at the library orientation video (we all went, sister!), and then I'll expect a swarm of people getting close to me because of all the things that I've said.

Today I'm extremely apologetic. Please don't get sad because of me (to the point that you might post something similar to what I've been saying recently). It's my fault, and all I can say is thanks a lot.

And your responses...

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