Chimpanzee business

How does a chimpanzee look like?

That was a very clueless question of mine. The challenge was for us to show the differences between a human and a chimpanzee for Anthropology class. Before that I wondered about what we were supposed to do with the crayons and pencils Professor de Guzman asked us to bring. Then this.

So we were all trying to draw a decent chimp. I wasn't sure if I did correctly, but after around an hour I gave up, submitted my paper and left the room.

So, how does a chimpanzee look like?

Crap, it does look like a monkey. No wonder Professor de Guzman didn't seem happy with my work. A chimp's black. Black! I drew mine brown. I happily presumed it looked like a gorilla until I realized I was drawing a gorilla. A brown gorilla.

So who did it correctly? I presume only a few. I wouldn't say no one did.

Waah. I almost failed that! And to think we'll have to draw more things in the next few Anthropology classes.

Why is it that when you are feeling sad someone suddenly approaches and does something to perk you up?

My blockmates are sooo good.

Next time (unless somebody supresses me, probably myself), I'll talk about what I think of some people in my block. I think Anima's recreating itself - Mikko and Aie is having a counterpart in college, only it isn't like that.

Ooops, revealing too much again. The gossip should be removed. Again.

And your responses...

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