Fading away

Some people are just so confused. They just don't understand so many things. On the outset they'll seem different, even isolated in some cases.

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of concern to find out something's already wrong.

Anyway, last Saturday saw the comeback of the central command - although this time I'll call it the support group. Exactly a year ago (well, maybe not), I was helping someone in an assignment - but think that I'm helping someone from another school. It's like, really far away (or so I seems).

This time, however, the elements are closer - it's a blockmate, it's my assignment as well, and it feels weird but good altogether. (Why am I using these adjectives anyway? Well, back to the drawing board...)

I was busy doing my film analysis paper (which, by the way, I did in the afternoon - just to show that I don't cram, but I don't actually intend to offend some) when Kizia texted me, asking about the format. I answered, but with a question of mine as well.

And then it began. We were texting about the film analysis all throughout the day (well, not really, but it felt like that). Funny thinking that I was running out of batteries and yet I was asking her if she's okay. She was asking for some terms, and a little bit of guidance for the confusing range of approaches (confused it with methods). The questions rolled into the next day, and between those there were a lot of thank you's (it wasn't me who said that, and so I felt guilty) and the funny line (she said, kakapalan ko na mukha ko dito).

Why am I telling you guys of this anyway?

I'm really sorry I'm telling the world of this, but this whole thing actually made my weekend. I was finding it boring (not to mention excessively tedious) until a lot of blockmates texted me.

Of course, I like conversations, and this reminds me of a few months back. That thing I mentioned earlier.

So, now, even if it doesn't really require any, thanks, Kizia. Hehe. I've got nothing to do again.

The other thing I was thinking of posting about is my sudden concern over Ira. (I'm talking about this? Control youself, Henrik - but anyway...) I don't know - she just seems to act differently the past few days. Of course, her seatmate (me) wouldn't help but observe. She has reassured me that she's okay (look at the shoutout in the group page).

I just don't want friends of mine to just fade away - a slow death, they say, is more painful than being shot in the head.

But why am I concerned? Is it my natural instinct, or is it something else?

Then again, I've been concerned about my classmates who seem troubled ever since. Like that occasion a year ago.

I just realized everything points back to the text conversations I was talking about. As they say, it's all deja vu.

And your responses...

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