Failure to comply means elimination

Welcome to college life. We have a lot of things to do in the next few weeks. We have a critical paper to finish for Art Appreciation, and we have to do the reporting for Revelation (which is still in August, yes, but I have to act as Zacchaeus, which sounds weird), and another thing for the same subject - a film analysis.

Nice. Those things I never even heard of in high school (well, not really).

I decided not to watch the movie because of that. I even decided not to show up for Frosh Camp (which I was supposed to watch - sorry guys). I don't know. I was traumatized by what happened yesterday (which I never got to follow up today because the doors to the Behavioral Sciences department are locked. No teachers at 08.00?).

Of course, I wouldn't tell you about the good deed I did because of that little tug and a lot of upperclassmen.

So... what am I doing here? I better stop blogging because I have work to do. I should control myself.

And your responses...

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