Finally the shoutout box is up

I finally got to visit that mysterious visitor who posted on the shoutout box a few days back. And all I can say is... nice!

So, after a very tiring Tuesday (which, I have already told you, has rewarded us with multiples of four - look at how many blogs got overwhelmed by the aforementioned digit), it's a Wednesday. The classes are shorter, but I feel like I've been spending a whole year in DLSU. I'm like a froshie geezer or something.

My feet aren't feeling numb anymore after we got shocked into jive. (The same blogs also mentioned the same things. Think about it - we might think alike.) I was walking to the jeepney terminal thinking I might just stumble in front of the street because of my hurting feet. They're so erratic I stepped on a lady in the bus yesterday. I felt so guilty because she was staring at me real bad. I think my apologies didn't make it.

So anyway, since it's the fourth week, I'm missing a few things.
  1. Watching BBC World every single day. The only dosage of news I get is Unang Hirit while on the bus. Also, I miss Top Gear. And Top of the Pops.
  2. Sleep. Finally I'm experiencing what my blockmates have been experiencing since way back when. I wake up at 04.30 thinking it's still 03.30 - I must be delirious.
  3. My PC! I'm not blogging on my PC!
  4. Consequently, my MP3 player! But we finally had it fixed, and I'll just have to wait a month before I get to show it off to you guys.
College is harder than I expected. But, as usual, my friends are there with me. I have someone to at least share the pain with.

I'm seeing people in many directions. Every time I log in to YM I see a contact request from some classmate four years back. I don't get much excited because I never get to chat with them anyway (I'm online and they're not). Even Regine (Ian's getting intrigued about you, Reg) is not online - we've been sending offline messages the past few days, trying to catch each other online. I guess time zones does make the difference. But me knowing the time in the UK doesn't necessarily mean me knowing the time in Norway, right?

Okay, stop talking now, Henrik... you still have to go to class.

Oh, yeah, it's still an hour away.

And your responses...

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