Gotta save for that white sound

Since I promised myself (but never followed) to not go more frequently to Internet cafes to blog and listen to Radio 1, I'll be doing this thing in the Cybernook from now on. I wish.

Besides, I gotta save up to buy the albums of either Coldplay or Missy Higgins. I suddenly remembered Jason saying I should just get a pirated copy of it - I used to, but not anymore. I'd rather follow Derek's way and buy it original. (Not all of his CDs are, however. But that rip-off is only a dot in his CD wallet. That's a pretty specific explanation...)

Today I'll be spending one and a half hours listening to an art critic talk about Belgian art (probably, since Professor Sangil said he's Belgian). What used to be a two-hour obligation became a four-hour (maybe five) one. Oh well, at least we don't have any classes on Friday.

But just to point out what Icka said on her blog yesterday, we still have to study for an examination (not a quiz) in Anthropology tomorrow. Oh, it seems, a really-needed rest still has to be made through a lot of hard work. (In the end, we'll never get rested.)

It seems June is the longest month of my life. All the time I've been waking up at four and sleeping at nine. My biological clock's changed as well. My routine's badly changed. I'm tired of watching those Korean soaps on GMA (which is always the channel in all the buses I ride in - that's something for the ratings war). My feet is hurting a lot, not just because of the jive (I just can't get variation one - and everyone of us, probably - and I get confused when Jill gets confused, natch), but because of the big people who I sit beside with, and I end up with one foot in the corridor.

Luckily I was saved earlier from a kid who sat beside me and threw up inside the bus. If I was unfortunately puked on then my white polo shirt would have been a victim. And, consequently, everything else inside my bag - and, yes, my new grooming system. For the first time in seven years I used hair gel.

I've been missing the things I've been doing in high school. Like listening to radio in the morning. I'm missing an Australian accent big time. (Or so I think. I just can't get used to it.)

So, better get ready for classes. Sara's just passed by and I was silently reminded to go to M306. My five-hour obligation has begun.

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