Handicapped mad scientists

It's Tuesday! And you know what that means... it's PE day! And what else...

It's on twice this week!

Anyway, before I collapse and burn, let me cite some instances when I feel soooo stupid. Like today. I don't know... I was panicking for the wrong reasons.

I thought Sudoy didn't receive my email when I asked him to send me what we needed in Anthropology class. I didn't really get what I needed when we went to the National Museum (group reporting is actually more urgent than individual reporting) Little did I know that he already sent it to our Yahoo! group. And little did I really know that there was a website for that. How irritating.

So I rushed to Kim (the other Regine, not from Norway) and asked her to do that as well. Turns out I didn't have to get it anymore because, well, I have it. I just gave them a little more extra mess to deal with.

Today I felt extra noisy (when were the days when I didn't? I speak too loud perhaps - agree?) and just talked a lot. Maybe it's because I had a banana for breakfast and I felt the sugar rush going. Yikes. Now I'm so hyperactive I can't function well.

I can't even get the timing for the rumba dance right. Yikes. Since today is PE day I should lead them to the door and have them practice. Well, who practiced anyway?

We all have to remember things sometimes.

Oh, and I finally got to be included in a decent block photo. Well, it's half of the block, and it's english class. And my face, well, didn't appear fully. When someone uploads it I'll post the link. (Why does Blogger have no decent photo hosting service? Hmmm...)

12.15 is closing by. I still have to do a lot of things. I'm lucky to be doing this in the Cybernook... again.

And your responses...

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