Look at me, I'm naked

Wanting to be noticed at the seminar on the works of Bosch and Magritte, I went to the speaker, Luis Mariano Akerman, and congratulated him, and shook his hand.

There I was again, making myself known. But I never got to ask a question: the time was up, as usual (I also never got to ask on the mining seminar yesterday, because I forgot my question, and then Jom took over). At least it wasn't as boring as yesterday's talk, although some didn't come, and the others that came didn't really pay attention. (Umm, for those who were there, I wouldn't mention it. I believe you know what I'm talking about. Right? Sorry...)

So, after we got a taste of some naked couples trapped (maybe) in a big strawberry, or shrimps cemented in architecturally-impossible buildings, we go home worried of another examination (not quiz) in Anthropology. Just realized our readings would take twelve chapters (or so I think). So I told everyone in our group: cram, cram, cram!

Oh well, back to studying now. I wish.

And your responses...

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