Look who might just look at my blog

As of this moment another celebrity is lurking behind me. At the back of that person's mind the thought why is this kid blogging at Cybernook? must have crossed. But heck - who cares anyway? I've got a lot more to say.

This weekend has been pretty weird for starters - I have mentioned the fact that I missed my blockmates (which triggered a "that's so sweet" remark from Tracy) and then, there's me assisting Jaja in her blog (which is incredibly active due to overpromotion, but, sadly, you guys never got to hear it from me first), and then, the usual me acting as responsible student to all of us (that isn't the correct description, but anyway) by reminding Ale (this is the nth mention, so I better calm down) about her English obligations.

I noticed the last week I've been close to a few people - like that stranding and stripping theory (which applies to television, not women). So, when I was talking to Kizia about that film analysis, then that issue with Ira (see it unfolding, people), then the last few days it's me talking a little bit more frequently to Ale. Normal chat on school matters (perfectly expected since you're talking to me, I know nothing but school) but it feels weird to have a few days particularly attached to a few people.

I don't know... friendships are all that I'm looking for.

So anyway, before I veer into matters I absolutely don't want to talk about, today's a weirdly gloomy day. We'll all be freezing later at M315 since the weather update said we'll have a high of thirty degrees celsius. That's, like, summer in Australia (or so I think).

This week is going to be ridiculously weird because we have three class cancellations and a lot of stuff to do. It's hard to adapt to a constantly changing atmosphere (and a constantly changing schedule). And, there's me trying to fight a battle - and I find myself losing it - but the only thing that will make me lose it is when I lose control over myself and freak out like what I did a million times in my life.

Yes, I'm probably admitting it, but I'm not fully admitting it.

Does anyone even understand what I'm saying? (I'd actually appreciate if you tell me what you thought I was trying to say. Come on, speak up...)

Finally, I found Martin. Another male in a female-dominated links portion. Finally.

And that frog is off the top spot. But by now you're thinking about what I actually said. The trackers are probably saying I'm in denial.

And your responses...

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