Messed up and still kidding

Aww, Blogger isn't feeling good? It seems you don't want to load your style sheets to the post pages. And, you're getting slow.

Aww, Kinja, you'll not update me now? Just when I'm curious if Caresse ever thought of hitting me in the back of my head because of what I said on the last entry. (Just kidding. Just to mention that someone actually saw it. Just can't remember who.)

Aww, Friendster, why do server maintainance now when MJ sent me a friend request and Ale sent me a testimonial?

Actually, I don't have anything to say. I just presumed that I'll post here because I'll later clam up while studying for that Anthropology test. Think of nine chapters and not much lectures. All of us are freaking unsure about what we're supposed to study.

Rumors are even circulating that this is our midterms. No wonder it has a hundred items.

Midterms? Better stop blogging and start studying!

Oh, yeah, before I leave, I'll post again that mysterious visitor's blog - but she finally has a name. I still don't know how you found me and Caresse and Ira (and probably a handful more from the block), but Katia, your blog does rock.

I just realized I should do a decent skin myself. I should, then, just figure out how to do one from scratch...

And your responses...

hi niko, yep mmm I think I found your blog from Caresse' blog, and I found hers by clicking the Next Blog buttons up somewhere.

For the complement, Gee Thanks. *blush*

Blogger Katia6/26/2005     

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