Noontime show

This day's a very long day. We have PE later at 16.30, and we'll be going to different classrooms today to adopt to my blockmates' report in Revelation.

We all seem tired, especially because we have a lot to do. Really - a lot. We'll be shuttling between rooms, breaks, submissions (in my case, the application form for The LaSallian) and PE class. I'll be organizing them once again... and if they don't come at 16.00 - which is really possible, since some are sending feelers of cutting the class because of too much time constraints - then I'll feel the things we all felt in the first day of PE. Nothing bad against it, but...

And some are wishing the Vietnamese students attend today. Which is impossible because they said they'll attend yesterday's class.

Some even have to stay until 21.00, because of organization obligations. It seems the performers are really keeping it up at night.

Oh, and I think the biases are coming out. Better stop those special mentions that come complete with hyperlinks.

Oh well, better get ready for class. I'm confused if we have to go to V210 or M316. What's pushing through anyway?

And your responses...

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