Ooops, I forgot to let go

Stuck at Netopia again, wasting time and money because the applicant examinations for The LaSallian ended quickly.

Yesterday went on very well. PE, the subject we all used to dread, is becoming better. It seems all we needed is a little discipline and a lack of noise. Most of us are getting the hang of the dancing thing (except for the fact that some just can't follow the fourth variation pretty well).

I got pretty happy with dancing I forgot to let go of Jill's hand too many times.

What's amazing with holding hands? We've been tinkling with them for the past few weeks, so you shouldn't be bothered I asked. I don't know... expression, perhaps. We've been using them for a lot of reasons (go figure).

And now that we are asked to express intimacy through rumba, it never seemed more appropriate. (Ooops, I'm sending the wrong message again.)

Anyway, Monday's a free day (the school gave in to the government's decision, maybe) and the next day, we have that practical test in PE. We were all guaranteed a grade of 4 if we give a lot of effort to it.

And nope, I won't make fun of Ale anymore. I just realized she is good at dancing - she deserves it. And Derek - I'll make fun of you now. Just kidding...

And Marcia - nothing offensive meant, just too busy... and confused.

I'll all see you on Tuesday, when the blog finally springs back to life. I better cross my fingers so that the LaSallian staffers reconsider my freaking case...

And your responses...

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