People are looking at me like crazy

Something's going on. It seems the real characters are sprouting up. As some say, the horns are coming out - and it's no surprise.

For that dance interpretation thing, we all feel the pressure - us being the only Revelation class under Sister Pinky, and her notoriety for having two classes taking top honors (but never first place). So now, us being complemented as the best group (by Sister, anyway), and then we have to make it better.

But we are a block of performers. Good dancers and speakers and actors.

Actors? Do we have liars in class?

So some don't feel the school part of school yet. For some of us it all seems to be chat, chat, a little dose of alcohol (and going home drunk on the LRT), and the chance to catch the opening of Batman Begins. For me, well, I'm putting the pressure on myself, but that's how I don't feel the school part.

Or so it seems. Time is passing by, and I still have to catch up on things. High school was so different from here. Agree, Robyn?

I really have to go. Better save up on buying that Coldplay CD. (And I better wish that song I mentioned yesterday finally leaves the top spot. But who cares, anyway?) And, yes, I have a reputation to protect.

Ah. You guys finally caught me.

And your responses...

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