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I should keep my reactions to myself.

Today I felt extremes - from feeling ridiculously bad because of doubt (you must understand) to hyperactivity (you must understand as well) to, well, things in the middle of that. That's what happens if you get to have two classes and an afternoon all lined up.

This morning my mom woke me up and I wanted to refuse the order. Today I felt really sleepy. Good thing breakfast was really good.

My imagination was flying a lot today. This fictional interview with my pen name (blockmates, you must have wondered why my email address is harrytorres1@hotmail.com and not closer to my real name) and another fictional character just popped up in my head as the bus strolled in Baclaran traffic:
Jeremy Jackson: Is it true that you have - how many are there? six - yes, six crushes in school?
Harry Torres: Uhh, I wouldn't deny nor confirm.
Jeremy Jackson: Actually, we have cropped down the number of girls to three.
Harry Torres: You did that?
Jeremy Jackson: Yes, and we believe the girl with the most potential is -

My imagination is working right there. As much as possible I don't want to see another distraction in college, and I try not to do that mistake - but I'm having the symptoms. Distractions in my dreams, sudden pops, and the patented reverse turn. Whatever. These are just products of my imagination.

Anyway, I find myself today adding too many people in Friendster. Also, I found Derek's blog (that short story - well I didn't read that). He was encouraging us to "check him out". I was thinking what the...?

The block is becoming more closer by the minute, but somehow I feel left out. And, yes, that problem. It seems I'm trying my best to stop what must have come naturally. For all those years I was doing things - and I thought they were wrong.

And maybe up until now.

Ooops... I'm divulging too much of myself once again. Anyway, I'm waiting for you guys in my Friendster accounts. Better stock up on blockmate connections...

And your responses...

hey niko! to be honest i dont know what u're feeling towards are block. but since we are somewhat of a 'family' now we should all try to get along. however, this is what i have observed with you, based on what i have read from ur blogs, to me it seems as if you're having a hard time blending with us. am i right? well, if i am wrong, my deepest apologies. however, if i am right, my advice to you is just plainly: BE URSELF. (^^,)

anyways, that's all for now! toodlez!

Anonymous Anonymous6/01/2005     

Hey Kizia's right. Just be yourself and go with someone who you feel comfortable with.

Blogger Ira6/01/2005     

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