Ridiculous victories

I wasn't distraught when I watched the seventh game of the Spurs-Pistons series. My beloved team lost.

So today, at our Yahoo! group shoutout box there was nothing but Spurs victory statements. There was Jason acting like Gene Kelly (have I got it correct?) shoutout box frequent user Ale - and Ira, that girl who bet with her boyfriend (I think I mentiond that earlier) as the series began.

As for me, who went with Detriot all the way, amidst the majority of the block going for Tim, Manu and Tony... enough consolation. (Obviously laughing at himself very loud right here.) It was just a few of us but it feels good to have gone out of the way - and force a seventh game, the first since 1994.

I just can't get used to weekday vacations anymore. I actually miss my blockmates. I actually miss the laughs, the sudden screams the girls will make (like what Jackie and Ale did when the former got into Ang Pahayagang Plaridel), and then there's Martin's presence, and Jino's love for everything Batman. Ooops - I have known too much.

So I'll be having fun today, then tomorrow I'll do all my readings - there's the one in English, then Art Appreciation, then there's me getting anxious over the test results.

Oh, and again, the midterms are getting very close. Eeeek. Scary.

Crap, I just remembered there's no RealOne plug-in in this Internet cafe. Better settle with 6 Music for the time being.

Oh, and thanks for the testimonial, Steph. Sometimes the best things people can say about you come from the people you're not really close with.

Now that's another one of those ending lines.

And your responses...

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