The rubrics to the other side

Things are so going my way today.

Suddenly, the time I usually dedicate to going home is given to my friends. I finally have them. Haha. It doesn't sound right but I, at least, know that they're there. To think that they haven't even read my previous entry.

As I was going out of school Kevin and his gang dragged (eh?) me in the steps of the SPS Building. All I did there was... sit, wait, and assist Marcia in that crude oil article. (We looked at this one. Ooops... divulging too much.) At the Cybernook all I did was go around desks talking to Ian, Marcia, Dian and John. Right there I had two new Friendster friends (Dian and John) and one new testimonial (from Dian).

Right now I'm talking to Kizia and Clarence (and, earlier, Martin) at the same time. I call it a distributed denial of service attack (which is what some hackers actually do, but I don't hack) since all of them are at an Internet cafe somewhere in Manila. Just nothing - I've been disturbing them with lines from The Coral's In The Morning and that Kylie Minogue song. And a lot of advertising for BBC Radio 1 (because I actually missed Chris Moyles - and Kizia must be clueless about what I'm talking about).

It's just that I'm so happy today.

Finally I said those words.

Finally, even if people didn't read that post yet, I got what I wanted all along. It just had to involve a lot of sacrifices. Like, not going home early. My mom may be ridiculously angry but I am at least having a lot of fun in college.

So, now that you've got the meaning to the word rubric, I can post this thing now. I only wish this lasts until the end of my college life.

And, please, don't think I'm actually suicidal. I don't mean everything I say - especially that one word.

And your responses...

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