I am attempting to blog once again at room M306. Funny to think that people are doing wrong things. (Hello once again.)

Due to my very good heart I got an 80 out of 100 in my second test in Faith and Revelation. More surprisingly, I was tied for first place in my English quiz. (That was more complicated. I really had to think.) Someone - shhh! Better keep quiet or earn the ire of that person forever. (Maybe you understood me by now.)

But it feels so weird. At the start of classes I was feeling bad again. Now I feel like I have a lot of gases to release. That's bad, because I'll have to keep this until later in the afternoon.

Also, Iya Villania is at the classroom next to us. I was surprised to see her - I didn't know she's also from DLSU. Or is she?

More ramblings later. I found out they can see what you're doing...

And your responses...

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