Strangely excited

College sucks - I know.

That's another impulsive statement. How come college, which I have anticipated with much anxiety and excitement, let me down?

Today I feel in the middle of many opinions on how you should act. As I mentioned, some have advised me to keep it real and be myself (that's since way back when). Then, there are some people who want some aspects of your attitude erased from your system.

Right now, I don't know how to act - how to act according to social norms, which would lead you to be accepted by your peers, and to act according to what you think is right, which would make you feel comfortable.

I was literally let down by my expectations. I'm feeling worse than two days ago.

Okay. I promised myself not to write any of those literary dramatic lines some bloggers do (not refering to anyone, just that, well, I prefer to be happy even when I'm sad). So, something to make me smile!

Getting too close to someone again? Nah...

Kevin pretending to be Professor Timbreza - complete with his barong tagalog - for his report in Critical Thinking? Almost...

It seems all I need is rest again. I just miss the weekends. (I'm just saying that because I have to go to the National Museum tomorrow.) Or maybe not.

Where are the concerned people?

And your responses...

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