Stunned and streaking

We've got another date tomorrow. You know what I mean.

Anyway, today went out pretty well. It's a surprise considering things are really going wrong the past few days. I think I have (unwillingly) gained the sympathy of my classmates. Obviously it feels awkward for me to be given advice. (Hello there.) So I'll just go blog-tripping and worry about tomorrow.

I finally found one thing I've been searching for a long time - Icka's blog. I don't know - it must be interesting or something. (If this seems to send out a different inclination, don't think about it - it has always been a tradition of mine to mention blogs of people I know when I first find them. So please, please don't think this is some kind of special mention like what Ale thought. Well, there went another one.)

Those blogs have mentioned camwhores. Well, aren't we? (Here's me trying to fit in by having a say about anything. Well... anything in mind?) And me? Well, they haven't included me. That really hurts.

I have the best ability to ruin a perfectly happy blog and make it sound like the ending to Mozart's Don Giovanni. (Nice music, by the way. Better appreciate orchestral music before my Yahoo! LaunchCast station takes me by the neck.)

Okay. So that does it for now. As I said, I have to work - and take care of myself. Every minute I...

Shush, Niko! As Kevin said this afternoon, chill!

And your responses...

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