Twelve weeks to go

Twelve weeks to go and it's the second term. Weirdly I've been looking forward for that. That's the time when I can say I'm finally not that much of a frosh anymore. I can finally blend in well. That'll take a long time, however.

Here, though, are a few things I learned in my first three weeks in college.

First, there's no such a thing as a second chance. Not that I'm singularly referring to what happened in Anthropology class - it's long done, and as some say, it's just an assignment - but there have been many times when I was given a second - and even a third - chance. One massive blunder and I may be out of here.

Then again my high school years did help me, because if you know me then you know I was really different back then. I'm a toned down version of me now. You'll never see me shouting relentlessly - unless, of course, if you'll provoke me.

Second, there's such a thing as a five-second hug. Of course, I'm not yet in a romantic relationship (that's what it implies, anyway, but no), and I'll never probably be. What I mean is that I never immediately realized I have made a lot of friends in college - I'm feleing inferior to them, however, because I still don't have the common barkada that most of my blockmates have. I'm too bad to not realize that's not what I do.

To think of it, I have a big network but I never go out often.

Finally, this is what I've been waiting for - common people like me in a good place. Miss Pam was right - no more constraints (although there still are - just less). It'll take a longer time for me to get used to it, but I'm coping.

Finally, some positive words.

Since we have an incredibly long break before PE begins - in which case I'll attend, to keep faithful to my obligations - I'm here again, escaping school (well, not) and blogging to death. I have a lot of things I never got to write because I was rushing. As usual.

Some things, as usual, are heard from the blogs themselves: Caresse finally got a photo with college taekwondo-playing hottie Japoy Lizardo. (He's still a topic around the block, I guess.) I feel flattered that Ale quoted from the blog of yours truly (another special mention? Malapit na akong makahalata sa sarili ko) - the one about PE. Looking at it doesn't really make sense because, well, I own my blog. Feels weird to see my words in somebody else's (but I'm not disappointed, Ale - hehe, not really).

Yesterday was Robyn's birthday - and I almost forgot it. We talked yesterday and it never crossed my mind (and it never crossed hers to tell me that it's her debut - how nice of her). At least I remembered to greet in the middle of reviewing my Critical Thinking quiz. (I just finished that. It's long and hard on the hands.)

Finally, a short line to Jaja, a good friend (and blockmate) of mine who lost her mother:

Don't despair about who leaves you behind, because that person is safe in God's hands, and you are safe in His hands as well, and all of you will be showered in His blessings.

Where did I get the line? I don't know... just from my mind, of course.

So, the San Antonio Spurs beat the Detriot Pistons. (Another special mention coming up. You have been warned.) Did you win your bet, Ira? It seems that it has stuck on my mind since everyone's falling asleep in the film showing for Revelation.

Better calm down or you'll get back there again. Remember - no second chances.

And your responses...

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